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Apparently the theory is that the drum or spools or something inside the camera historically get stuck or something and only a good whack can free them up. If you don't believe me, here is the link to the thread that I discovered this magical fix on: Seriously, smack the camera because 1 it will make it work, 2 what do you have to lose? I got this idea from someone else's suggestion about 4 weeks ago and it's still working.

Just came back from vacation and it worked fine. Of course it may be unreliable and decide not to work at some time in the future but at least I can limp along until I can afford a new one. I bought it around Dec.

Battery Hack/Store an Extra Battery in Sony Handycam CX405

I didn't figure this one out til June. I agree it does seem that the mechanism to advance the tape "sticks" especially under load for me at the beginning or end. What I do is eject the tape Close the door without the tape. Shake it some more. Open the door insert the tape, shake a little more I don't mind everyone looking at me like I am doing a strange variation of the hokey-pokey. It works fine for a good couple of weeks. I called Sony for help in July 06 and the rep said they have "never" heard of this problem before and was absolutely zero help.

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This will be the last Sony camcorder I buy. I have changed Cassettes, I tried with cleaning tape, I have pressed reset, but I could not solve the Problem. I was desperate so I did it. I could not believe that I fix it.

Thank you very much. After reading many threads on this matter , I finally found this very helpful info. I did what what it said and after carefully smaking the tape side of the camcorder unit with my hand 1 time with it turned off , I powered it up and pressed play and it now works as designed. I really appreciate those who share this kind of helpful information like this. Thanks again for caring to help others with your knowledge, John F. John, you are my hero.

Our family's 10 years memory got back! My old Sony Handycam video Hi8 got this playback problem. It will play 2 to 10 seconds and then stop and give me beeping noises. I turned off my camera, gave it a few hard whacks and turned it back on. Now it plays perfectly. Been there already and know how to fix your camcorder.

I have the same one and also had exactly the same problem. I fixed it at someone else's suggestion of slapping the right side side opposite the LCD of the camcorder when the tape is in place. Whack it sort of hard about 3 or 4 times.

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It apparently jars something inside and the problem should be gone. I can't believe a couple of hard knocks to my camcorder solved the problem. Payment types Advance payment. Cash on delivery. Invoice private. Invoice commercial. American Express. Diners Club. Invert selection. Select all. Please enter a postcode. Shops within 50 km. Only sellers with retail shops. Product price. Shipping price.

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Sony unveils GPS-enabled HD camcorder for travelers

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